RoxyTruman 004Dr. Hutchinson decided to focus on Equine Dentistry shortly after he started the Cardigan Veterinary Clinic in 1994.  Dr. Hutchinson has over 40 years of horse experience, nearly 25 years in practice as a veterinarian and is a horse owner and trainer himself.   Dr. Hutchinson is uniquely qualified and licensed in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and South Carolina to perform comprehensive dental examinations, prophylaxis and corrections.

MiniDentalPics 013A comprehensive examination is performed under light sedation with a full mouth speculum in a safe, humane and gentle way.  A complete examination is necessary to visualize, asses and palpate every tooth completely and safely.  Mouth balance is also assessed and any corrections can be readily performed including most extractions at your barn without travel or  trauma.

Since it is so much easier, safer and more humane to perform these procedures light sedation is used in most cases.   A dental halter gently cradles the horse’s head which eliminates the need and expense of another technician to position the animal.  The average prophylaxis takes as little as 10 minutes with this system.  Current state of the art motorized equipment is used because with the proper training it is much safer than other traditional methods.  Dr. Hutchinson still uses traditional “floats” for special situations.

We can also perform routine “floats” on mini’s with our special mini horse float set.  Corrections and malocclusion problems that are common in miniatures are usually performed with motorized instrumentation.